How to Empower Your Life with Choices

What you can expect to learn in this Self Mastery Quest:

Hey are you stuck in a rut? You have no time for YOU? Feeling guilty every time you take time out for yourself? Giving time to everyone else except yourself? Your exhausted and overwhelmed with all life has you doing? Imagine today you have arrived in the perfect place at the perfect time. It's a moment for YOU. We’ve all been there before… In the event that you get stuck in a "funk" and can't seem to snap yourself out of it, we have a solution to have your discover yourself with each and every choice in your Life.

This is it, right NOW, you get to Choose,

Self Mastery Quest

Be the Experience YOU Choose

  • 1

    Welcome to Your Self Mastery Quest

  • 2

    What I Want?

    • What I Want?

    • You are the Creator & Tips for Your Success

    • Creating a Theme for Your Life

    • SPECIAL BONUS: Creating a Master Plan for Your Life

  • 3

    Lesson #1 - Choice

    • With every Choice you Create Your Life

  • 4

    Lesson#2 - Language Shapes Reality

    • Language Shapes Reality

  • 5

    Lesson #3 - Trust

    • Trust - Bedrock of All Relationships

  • 6

    Lesson #4 - Integrity

    • Integrity

  • 7

    Lesson #5 - Accountability

    • Accountability

  • 8

    Lesson #6 - Ability & Awareness

    • Ability & Awareness

  • 9

    Lesson #7 - Honesty

    • Honesty

  • 10

    Lesson #8 - Commitment

    • Commitment

  • 11

    Celebrate YOU

    • Celebrate YOU

Your Instructor

& Master Coach

Lifestyle & Leadership Coach

Carol Moxam

Hello my name is Carol Moxam. Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do. Enter Carol, I am an experienced coaching professional. By providing clients with the right tools and knowledge I help clients unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional leadership success.

What is the Fee for this Self Mastery Quest?

All Access Fee Includes 12 Transformational Life Lessons

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Standing Ovations

Testimonials from Our Clients

Access to Power in Listening

Natalia B.

You taught me how to listen for others without making them wrong or show how to cause a leader to emerge by asking the right questions, quiding into the right direction. I will always remember and follow your guiding loving voice in my head. "How would Carol coach me on this?" What a great contribution you are.


Debbie Arato, CSEP Arato Entertainment & Events Inc.

When I hired Carol as my business coach, I had no idea that she would also become my life coach. Carol helped me realize that in order to succeed in business, I had to first succeed as a person. And that meant believing in me first and then learning to communicate in a positive way with my family. With Carol’s guidance I have formed a deeper and more caring relationship with my daughter. Instead of confrontations, we now have conversations. We help and enjoy each other in a way I had not thought possible. As a mentor and advisor, Carol has been an invaluable resource. I am grateful that I had the good sense to hire her and am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.


Simone N.

I learned a lot in this program about myself and it gave me a boost. Carol helped me be very specific with my words in defining my focus in what I want and within weeks I now have exactly what I wanted with my job. I am happy within myself and this makes it easier with my family unity.


Ayesha K.

In the Life is a Special Event Program offered I got to create a theme for my life, specifically for the year and creating the theme of my life was a genius ideas with an intention. It gave me an empowering outlook for my life, that I could look through a lens, an intention that is ever evolving and fun. I am aware of my accomplishments and have a natural awareness as a result of being in your program. I followed through on the assignment you gave me and now have my master plan for the full year! The exciting part is that I can continue to use through the years to come. Thank you Carol for the gift that you are bringing to the world.


Karen R.

Our conversations were authentic and inspiring. I was able to share my real self without any judgement. I felt freedom. What I was able to do in a very brief time in this program was to release old habits of my life that let me down; I completed more of my long to do list in four weeks of the eight week program than I have in five years. I let the pity party go; and as a result, I now experience heartfelt joy in my life. My life theme of the Butterfly is projected into all that I do and how I live my life.


Deirdra W.

I had the wonderful opportunity of taking the 12 week Life is a Special Event program that included the one-one-one weekly calls with Carol, and it changed my life. I have more confidence, determination and belief in myself for the first time in years. I have taken many self help programs and they did not engage me or give me the results I wanted. Life is a Special Event, has been the program that I have gotten results with and allowed me to celebrate my eventful life.

Best of Myself

Marian M.

The program Life is a Special Event is an amazing experience! I got the opportunity to join an incredible team full of young women wanting to succeed in different aspects of their lives and get the best of themselves during these difficult times (myself included). Carol, the creator's of this program is a wonderful listener and mentor. She will help me to realize why I was not accomplishing my goals and what things I could do differently to achieve my best self! I'm very thankful to Carol and the girls I got to meet throughout this program and I recommend this beautiful experience to any young lady who would like to discover the best part of herself.

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